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    Shenzhen SSA Electronic Co Ltd
    2 Floor and 5 Floor, Block 9, LongJun Industrial Area, LongHua Dist. Shenzhen, China.

    CHINA OEM/ODM Service:
    Tel: (0086)-755-82953558
    Fax: (0086)-755-82908576

    Attn: Mr.Jeson ZHUANG

    Japan Office
    东京足立区新田3-10-1-1F Japan  or
    Attn: Kouke Sanshirou   (河家 三四郎)
    JP :080-4447-9040    Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00

    After Service:
    If have any After Service problem,
    pls send your Purchasing ID & Store Name send email to .

    We will reply within 24hours
    Thanks your support !


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