infrareds temperatures scanner

Model: H8


no need to shake hands to avoid cross infection.

  • The new smart chip, the induction time is faster (0.1 s); the pass rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people / minute).
  • High precision measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: within ± 0.2 (89.6 ~ 109.22 ° F)
  • With warning light and sound prompt for detection failure and warning light and sound prompt for abnormal temperature.
  • Suitable for any space and scene use, self-installed three AAA batteries.
  • The computer can record data in real time and export records 30 times, which is convenient for checking and querying.
  • High-definition LED display indicator screen, the maximum visual distance is 10 meters.
  • Intelligent and accurate detection thermometer, no need to hold, can be hung / double-sided tape / fixed bracket, etc.
  • Can be applied to import and export of public places such as offices / subway / family / supermarket / shop / community / entrance.
  • Security personnel can manage multiple units at the same time, reducing the manual detection of staff, reducing contradictions, reducing the risk of infection of staff and reducing labor costs of the enterprise.