Service Commitment: We serve you only qualified products.

Service Item:

Before Service

Provide OEM/ODM service;

Supply technical consulting service to the user for selecting digital photo frame;

According to the customers ‘purpose, Give the best suggestion;

Save client’s time and money.

Service during production

View the production equipment;

Produce the product strictly according the client’s requirement;

Strictly according to the QC system; ensure the quality;

Have a fully inspection to ensure the digital photo frame quality;

Deliver the goods in time.

After Sale Service

Technical support

Claim echo: respond to the customer’s claim in 24 hrs. And submit “claim report” from the customer in 48 hrs;

Respond to the customer’s related questions;

Update the technology information and price to client;

Do the customer’s degree of satisfaction;

Customer’s demand assessment and confirmation.

Service Conception:

Our company serves the aim.

It is better not to have the only best.

So long as you come to our company and will realize what is the best service.

Warm and considerate services are the foundation of the friendship between SSA and customers.

Sincere and innovative services satisfy the need of customer’s personality.

Users’ complaints are regarded as attentions on us and the opportunities of finding new markets.

Understand customer need, it listens attentively to the suggestions of customer conscientiously make great effort.

Service Hotline:

Service Hotline (Shenzhen): +86-755-82953558

Fax: +86-755-82908576