Video Card Instroction

#1#    Information:


Introducing the Video Brochure

Paper greeting cards have been widely used for most occasions: personal, instruction, and other commercial or industrial purposes. What if you could enhance your traditional printed marketing/promotional materials with a video message as well? Well now you can, with the Video Brochure

#2#  How Does it Work?


Video plays when the viewer opens the card. Each video card is capable of holding 15 minutes up to 8 hours of video.

Using a Video Brochure is a game-winning advertising tool! Your message will come to life with video playing technology via a small LCD screen as well as stereo sound!

#3#  Advantages of a Video Brochure.

                                                    Video Brochure SSA

• Colorful and easy to design

• No need for plastic mold making

• Low cost, prices ranging between

• Quick turnaround

#4#  Why Choose Us?

1 Knowledge

#1 in Quality: Every brochure is made with the Highest Level Of Quality – We only use 100% Grade A, Non-Recycled parts. Our screens, memory chips, speakers, batteries, and motherboards are ONLY brand new, not used or refurbished. Plus every brochure is QC’d and arrives 100% perfect with your content/video already loaded and ready to play once opened!

#1 in Service: We answer our phones, return calls, and always reply to your emails! We are in communication with you 100% of the time!

#1 in Timing: Most orders ship to you in 1-2 weeks, depending on order size

#5#  Product Specifications.

• Screens: 2.4”, 2.8”, 4.3”, 5”, 7″ and 10.5” (larger sizes may be available, please inquire)

• Video Format: MP4/AVI; AMV (2.4”, 2.8”)

• Capacity: 15 minutes to 8 hours of video

• Optional Buttons: Play/Pause, Volume Control, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, Previous, Replay, Slide Show, On/Off

• Sound: Built-in speaker

• Connection: Mini DVI to USB

• Batteries: 2-8 hours runtime, all are rechargeable via USB

• Package weight: 10.6 oz. approx.

• Package dimensions: custom or standard format

#6#  How Do I Proceed?
Step One: Pricing
• Prices vary depending on card size & quantity, starting at $35. Please contact us for a quote. Minimum order is 100 units.
Step Two: Choose Your Size
• 2″ x 3.5″ card size with 2.4″ LCD screen size
• 5″ x 7″ card size with 2.8″ LCD screen size
• 5″ x 7″ card size with 4.3″ LCD screen size
• 8.25″ x 7″ card size with 5.0″ LCD screen size
• 11.4″ x 7.9″ with 7″ or 10.5″ LCD screen size

Step Three: Prepare and Submit Your Artwork
Artwork requirements vary depending on the size of the brochure.
Step Four: Upload Your Video
Requirements: MP4/AVI, AMV
Step Five: Payment
We require 30% payment upfront and the final 70% at time of delivery.
Step Six: Shipping Method
• Delivery to you
#7#  Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Can I put any Video in it?
YES. You many place any video you wish in your video brochure, anywhere from 15 minutes all the way to eight hours (depending on video screen format).
2) Can I upload the Video myself?
YES. You will be able to upload your files on your own.
3) Can I change the Video later?
YES. If you need to change your message, you can always upload a new video.
4) Does the price include Shipping?
NO. Shipping is extra.
5) Can you ship it for us to our customers?
YES, for an extra fee.
6) Does each unit come in its own packaging to ship?
All video brochures can come in a brown box ready to ship for an additional fee.
7) Can I design the Brochure, anyway I want, artwork, etc.?
YES, as long as the artwork fits within our brochure artwork templates.
8) What format shall I submit you the artwork in?
We require print files to be submitted as print ready PDF file (please make sure to include bleed in final artwork files.
9) Can I proof the file before final printing and manufacturing?
Yes, we encourage this and need for you to sign off.
10) How long does it take to get it after I place the order?
Production on your Video Brochure will take approximately 7-10working days
Our minimum order is 100 units. For single unit orders (video greeting card, anniversary gift, etc.) visit
12) Can I place a much larger order, say 5000?
Yes, and prices will go lower per unit.

#8#  Contact

Call for a Free Consultation: +86-755-82953558

Stand out from the pack with a Video Brochure. It’s a fantastic, unique & eye catching marketing tool. With a fast turnaround, it will quickly be in front of your audience.